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The Green House by Sigurd Larsen

A Single-Family Houses Blends Sustainability with Style
Posted by Gestalten—06/2017

Known for his sturdy, stylish, and understated approach to furniture design, Sigurd Larsen is equally talented as an architect. Earlier this year, he put his talents to the test and built a series of single-family houses in Denmark, where he grew up before moving to Berlin. Each building is styled with an undeniably Scandinavian pragmaticism: The Green House, for example, uses a simplified floorplan that manages to both keep construction costs low and orchestrate a harmonious home. Loping windows line the south side of the house under a mono-pitched roof that welcomes a warm brush of light across the living spaces; the north side curls into more intimate spaces for cozy winter nights. Larsen’s design also champions sustainability: an outdoor garden outfitted with a pool glows with the sun’s warmth in the summer, redistributing the heat across the house after dark; three-layered windows control the air flow and temperature changes across the building.

Find out more about Sigurd Larsen in our book Small Homes, Grand Living, the foreward of which was written by Larsen himself. The book is also available in German as Raumwunder.

Photography © Tia Borgsmidt; Styling by Mette Helena Rasmussen

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