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PH Lavalleja

A Light-Filled Home in Buenos Aires form CCPM
Posted by Gestalten—08/2017

Because of the thriving 20th-century economy in Argentina and the wide-scale immigration of people from around the world, Buenos Aires features is an architectural melting pot lsuh with global influences and references. For one recent project in the Argentinian capital, the team at CCPM took the endemic high-density low rise structure that sprawls across select neighborhoods in the bustling city and refreshed the structure with clean white lines and a multi-leveled singularity. Nestled into a busy block, the house spirals through the various platforms from the ground floor and up to the rooftop terrace. The patio is a perfect example of the comradery in these dense blocks: it rests comfortably on the roof of a neighboring home.

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Images © Javier Agustín Rojas

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