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Lunica Italics by Thomas Hirter

The Designer Has Expanded the Playful Font Family to Include Four New Styles
Posted by Gestalten—01/2016

With its playfully rounded serifs and striking legibility, Lunica is a typeface with character aplenty. While Thomas Hirter originally released the font in 2014, the Swedish designer returned to Lunica and has now debuted the font in four italic styles: thin, light, regular, and medium. Read our interview with Hirter below or buy the font here. 

Lunica was only offered in roman when it was released about a year ago. When and why did you decide to add italic weights to the Lunica catalog?

I wanted to offer Lunica in italics as it helps complete the font family and it gives designers more opportunities to utilize the font. When I began working on the new styles, I became more and more interested in the shapes and details of each letter and how they varied when stylized as italics. Though the modifications might appear slight, it is a challenge to match an italic style to the roman equivalent.

What more do you have planned for the Lunica font family?

My plan is to combine the stroke widths of the thin and medium styles to create an intermediate style that denies Lunica’s monolinear design by creating a contrast in the horizontal and vertical strokes. This style could be called Lunica Text, and it would return to the contrast in line weight that is typical to Didone typefaces while also retaining the playfulness of Lunica. I can also imagine adding bold faces to the family, but that is not a priority.

What changed the most within the Lunica typeface over the course of its design?

As I worked on the font, I questioned my decision to retain the monolinear drawing increasingly often, despite any optical laws or principles. In the end, I kept the monolinear proportions for the final typeface.

Lunica is a typeface with quite a lot of character. What are your experiences with the font’s application and what feedback have you received?

As a font, Lunica is quite hard to handle. The character is so specific that it limits where and when the font is applicable—I must admit that I haven’t used it much myself. Nevertheless, I get a lot of positive feedback. People like Lunica, and are waiting for suitable opportunities to work with it. 

What other projects are you currently working on?

In addition to Lunica Text, I am working on another serif typeface with a few rounded contours that contrast the sharp edges and corners in its roman, bold, and italic styles. I am also working on two sans-serif projects—one of which is already seven-years old—that I hope to release when their times come. 

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