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Posted by Gestalten—11/2016

November Shop of the Month

Florian Kap, Andreas Eduard Hoeller, and Nina Ugrinovich have been peddling analog wares from Supersense since 2014. Lavishly decorated and comfortably perched within a Viennese palazzo, the concept store is a sanctuary for artists, thinkers, makers, and creators. We spoke with the founders to find out more about our latest Shop of the Month.

When did it all start?

Our passion for analog experiences and products started years ago when we fell deeply in love with instant analog photography. The haptic, magic, sensual, and unique experience that the medium offered took our heart by storm and let us forget our smartphones and Instagram accounts for a while.

With this belief in the essence of analog technologies and objects, we opened our palazzo in the summer of 2014 in order to create an analog hub wherein real people as well as real creative technologies and tools could find a beautiful home. Here at Supersense, we celebrate and produce instant analog photography, vinyl records and letterpress prints. We also proudly present products from local crafters that we love. And, of course, we put lots of love into our bookshelves where we are happy to offer a selection of Gestalten books. 

Why did you decide to open the store? 

We wanted to create a place where all analog products and activities could be bundled in one fascinating and inspiring place. We wanted to create a space wherein you can refresh your senses, take a break from a digital lifestyle, discover how things are being made, and find suitable mediums for your creative outbursts.

How would you describe the neighborhood in which the store is located?

Multi-Variant! The 2nd District, also known as Leopoldstadt, is one of the most diverse, vibrant, and interesting of the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Vienna. Here, you'll find Vienna's amusement park Prater, the old Jewish quarter, a wonderful food market called Karmelitermarkt, and many great, young shops, boutiques and cafes . It’s also home to Vienna's greatest boulevard, the Praterstrasse, where we are lucky enough to have found our current location: a Venetian Palazzo, which is a unique historic landmark from 1898. 

Please describe the kinds of books and other merchandise that you carry. What do you offer your customers?

We offer books on topics that inspire all senses, including food, craft, design, and photography as well as interactive books for children. Together with our customers, we also produce vinyl records, letterpress prints, and large-format instant analog photographs.

What are your favorite Gestalten books?

Our favorite Gestalten book is The Craft and the Makers as the people and the crafts portrayed in it very much match our approach to the creation and use of all sorts of products.

What are your customers’ favorite Gestalten books?

Apparently we're attracting many foodies to our cafe and shop: our customers love Crafted Meat, Das Craft-Bier Buch, and Let's Go Out Again, in which we're honored to be featured.

What kinds of people shop there? Who might be seen visiting the store?

All sorts of people! Our cafe serves as a bright entrance for everyone visiting Supersense, and our shop and manufactory lures those who are curious enough to discover our analog sensations further into our palace. Hubertus von Hohenlohe, the last real Prince of Austria, is a regular who always returns to our place for inspiration and coffee, and we do also have the honor to welcome real leaders here, such Ai Weiwei who had a portrait taken with his family on our 20x24 Polaroid camera.

Do you do anything at your store besides sell books? Do you, for example, have any events or exhibitions there?

We do! We have a monthly series of acoustic concerts with Viennese songwriters; we host a Jazz band that performs each month in a more intimate setting. We also present monthly food events with the famous Foxy Twins as well as local producers and winemakers. Finally, we hold photography, letterpress, and vinyl workshop on request.

Is there anything else about the store that you'd like us to mention?

We're not a classical store but also a manufactory: from vinyl records to letterpress prints, we create them all in-house with traditional machines, which gives visitors the chance to understand how some of our products are created and to participate in this process of production with their own ideas and wishes.

Images © Gebhard Sengmüller

Praterstrasse 70/1
Postal Code:
Tel: +43 1 9690832
Fax: +43 19690832
Opening times: Opening times: Tue–Fri: 9:30am–7pm; Sat: 10am–5pm
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