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Meet Simone Hawlisch

The Visual Storyteller Co-Edited Our New Book Stay for Breakfast
Posted by Gestalten—09/2017

Portrait by Monika Walecka

For the past few years, Simone Hawlisch has been captivating audiences with her images and words. On her calming Instagram (@fraeuleinsonntag), she documents her daily thoughts and global travels. Her quiet sense of style and keen eye for stillness have won her a broad following, and we were happy to invite her to join us as the co-editor for our recent release Stay for Breakfast

“With my work as a photographer, I like to see myself as someone distilling the essence of a moment in just one image; a sentiment or notion I feel as I enter a scene; the play of shadow and light, the sincerity and stillness,” Hawlisch told us. “I am not an artist—I’m more like a writer, writing poetry with images, allowing the observer to embrace the moment and the senses to wander. It is the light that always pulls me, drives me, inspires me.”

This careful consideration for light and passing moments is on full display in Stay for Breakfast. The book is a showcase of each day’s most important meal. Indeed, it reveals much more than tasty recipes—the book discusses the rites and rituals of a day’s beginning. Hawlisch agreed: “Probably more than any other meal, breakfast ist about rituals, your own rituals or the ones being passed on from generation to generation and the stories that come with it”.

Delve deeper into the world as seen through Hawlisch’s discerning perspective in Stay for Breakfast, which is also available in German

Images © Simone Hawlisch

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