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6 years
10 weeks ago

Illustrators Unlimited

See a Selection in Our Online Gallery
Posted by Gestalten—11/2011

Illustrators Unlimited presents cutting-edge illustration talents scouted from around the world.

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Sarah Illenberger

Collecting Mushrooms
Posted by Gestalten—10/2011

Illustrator and designer Sarah Illenberger recently joined up with students from Berlin's Universität der Künste on an intriguing project.

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Big Dushi Tales

Mashville in the Mash-Up
Posted by Gestalten—09/2011

In Big Dushi Tales, the art project Mashville from the Netherlands combines the best artists from different worlds

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Irana Douer

New Ruby Mag and Illustrators Unlimited Cover
Posted by Gestalten—09/2011

Buenos Aires-based curator, editor, and artist presents new Ruby Mag and visually wraps the essence of contemporary illustration.

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Ben Newman

Fascinated by Folklore
Posted by Gestalten—09/2011

'MASKS' is a solo exhibition of works from Ben Newman and comprises of a series of geometrically and brightly designed prints.

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Katrin Ólina

Exhibition in Iceland
Posted by Gestalten—09/2011

The Icelandic artist has told her magic and imaginative visual stories by way of illustrations, paintings, spatial design

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Druck Berlin

Screenprint Festival and exhibition
Posted by Gestalten—08/2011

Druck Berlin presented a wide range of screenprint companies, fine art, illustration, books, zines, and freelance printers from Berlin.

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Exhibition in Berlin
Posted by Gestalten—08/2011

The exhibition VORM, that applies to the basic shapes in Illustration, is a continuance of the successful cooperation with curator Hendrik Hellige from Gestalten. Hellige who is responsible for the Illustration-sector at Gestalten already curated the successful exhibition “Ein Kind ohne Kopf ist ein Mann ohne Hut” in February 2011 at the Neonchocolate Gallery.

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