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Gigi Verde

Floral Designs in Full Bloom
Posted by Gestalten—09/2017

Floristry might be one of the most delicate art forms: when bending budding blossoms, their stalks, petals, leaves, and stems must be treated with care as not to tear the natural fibers. Once arranged, the final piece may last for hours or days—but not forever. As such, design studio Sides Core infused flower shop Gigi Verde with an emphasis on flexibility. Modular furniture and movable fixtures allow for the space to be easily reoriented to best showcase whichever arrangements are being crafted within the atelier. The shop is lined with cool concrete walls in an understated grey that allows the natural colors to pop against a neutral backdrop.

Shops like Gigi Verde are in full bloom: see more from the new wave of people facilitating an urban life with plans in our book Evergreen.

Images © Takumi Ota


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