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Berlin Wonderland: Wild Years Revisited, 1990–1996

An exhibition by Gestalten & bobsairport
Date: October 16, 2014–November 22, 2014
Time: 18:00–21:00
Location: Gestalten Space, Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin
Vernissage: October 16, 2014, 18:00–21:00

On the eve of the 25-year anniversary celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, Gestalten and photo agency bobsairport are excited to present a photographic exhibition for the sixth annual European Month of Photography depicting the anarchic years that cemented Berlin’s reputation as a place of extraordinary freedom and creative self-expression. Entitled Berlin Wonderland: Wild Years Revisited 1990-1996, the exhibition follows the recent Gestalten release of the same name and will feature pictures from the book, as well as some previously unpublished images, all available for purchase.

In the early years of the German reunification, Berlin-Mitte was a city district dropped out of time. Empty streets, abandoned buildings, a no-man’s land situated right at the new heart of the city just waiting to be claimed. The breakdown of the former GDR left a temporary lawlessness in its wake that artists, punks, squatters and visionaries were quick to use to their creative advantage. It is fascinating to reflect on the striking photography of Berlin Wonderland and think that these riotous years in fact laid the foundation for the sleek gallery and exclusive shopping district that Mitte has today become.

Curated by Anke Fesel and Chris Keller of bobsairport, a Berlin photo agency representing mainly photographers from the city, the exhibition takes places at the Gestalten Space, fittingly located right at the centre of this once fledgling scene of clubs, bars, techno parties, and galleries. The exhibition is an opportunity to take in the visual story of an extraordinary time in Berlin alongside protagonists of the defining era and purchase pictures by photographers including Ben de Biel, Hendrik Rauch, Philipp von Recklinghausen, Stefan Schilling, Hilmar Schmundt, Andreas Trogisch and Rolf Zöllner. 

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Looking For Freedom: 25 Jahre wach
November 9, 18:00 
Berlin, Techno, Clubgeschichten
Prince Charles Berlin
Prinzenstrasse 85F, 10969 Berlin

The fall of the Wall was of course also the advent of techno: a music and subculture that shaped the city’s counterculture and continues to do so today. On November 9th, the 25th anniversary of the border between East and West opening, Das Filter and Prince Charles will be hosting a lively retrospective of 1990s experimental music scene. A slideshow of the Berlin Wonderland photography will be followed by DJ sets by techno protagonists of the time, including former E-Werk, Planet and Tresor residents Clé and Bass Dee.

What we found and what we lost
November 21, 17:00
Radialsystem V
Holzmarktstrasse 33, 10423 Berlin

Later in the month, on November 21st, Radialsystem V is dedicating an evening to the question of Berlin’s cultural future. Entitled, “What we found and what we lost”, the program will feature films by Klaus Tuschen and Marco Wilms, alongside a round of discussions involving key personalities of the reunification era, including Tresor founder Dimitri Hegemann or Jutta Weitz, the former official in charge of reallocating the commercial premises of Mitte. 


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