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Gestalten continues to actively reimagine the way in which we approach publishing. With our extensive range of titles, we not only seek to enhance and to enrich our reader's lives, but to continually engage with the surrounding creative landscape.

Our origin story began with a focus on the aesthetic, particularly that of graphic design and, over the last two decades, the scope of both our content and our expertise has widened. Today, using a myriad of observations of culture, people, art, and other intimate inspirational informants, we document and anticipate vital movements in architecture, visual culture, design & fashion, escapism, food & beverages, travel, and contemporary art. In 2014, Little Gestalten joined the literary ranks and ensured that there was a place for readers of all ages within the world of Gestalten.

The Gestalten narrative exists beyond the textual realm; regardless of the medium at hand, Gestalten wishes to inform and inspire our community. We welcome you to enter Gestalten's world of creative culture whether between our pages, indulging in images and films online, or at one of our international events. We look forward to the result: mutual inspiration.

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Sales and Press

If you have a trade or press inquiry, you can contact our Sales and Press team by following the links below.

Contact a member of our sales team
Contact a member of our press team

Submit Your Work

Do you have a newsworthy story you'd like to share on the Gestalten website? We want to know about your activities, experiments, and exhibitions as well as your criticism. So please feel free to keep us posted and contact our news team at

We're always interested in seeing new and inspiring work. Join Gestalten's Creative Pool to share your projects with us and scope out what our international creative community is up to.

Interested in contributing to a Gestalten project? Join our Designer Database so that we can get to know both you and your work.

Book Proposals

If you have a brilliant idea for a book that you think would be a great addition to the Gestalten publishing program, and would like to submit a project for consideration, please send us your proposal.

What we need from you is the following. Make up your minds about what it is that makes your idea unique. Send us a brief description with synopsis, content structure, a list of contributors, ideas if you have any about the format, and most importantly, a selection of images to best understand the visual quality of the project along with some background information about yourself to

We will then review and discuss the project in one of our editors meetings. Please bear in mind that answering might take some time.

One last thing, we love all things print but please do not send book proposals in the post. Please send your proposal as PDF to the email above.


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