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Win a Day on the Sea with Cee Cee

Find Out How to Win Two Tickets to the Bulleit Summer Break with Friends
Posted by Gestalten—07/2016

There's nothing more refreshing than slipping into the icy waters of a lake. Join Cee Cee and select friends—Standert Bicycles, Roamers, and Accidental Concrete, to name a few—for Bulleit Summer Break. The team has organized an exclusive day of food and fun on July 23 in a beautiful shipyard just outside of Berlin. While the limited-release tickets went quickly, we nabbed a few for you.

Join Cee Cee for a day in the sun. Two lucky winners will join Team Kabelbinder and their motorcycle brigade for the day. To enter, simply sign up for our Weekly Newsletter using the form below. All entries must be submitted before Friday July 15 to be considered.

Update, July 16: The lucky winners are Rafaela Ruf and Gabriela Todewa. Congratulations and enjoy your summer break.


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Cee Cee Berlin

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The Chopper

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The Life of Cycle

Urban Cyclists in Berlin
Posted by Gestalten—04/2013

Beyond the messenger and fixed-gear scenes, contemporary bicycle culture is more fashionable, diverse, and alive than ever before. According to Dustin Nordhus of Berlin’s Cicli Berlinetta, “people who live in a big city are becoming aware that it’s nicer to have a beautiful bicycle than a car.” talks to Dustin as well as bike enthusiast Anna Valtonen from Pelago Bicycles, who are featured in Velo–2nd Gear.

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Beomsik Won's Fantastical Collages
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A Modern Makeover for an Old Monastery

TRN Apartment by Peter Jurkovič
Posted by Gestalten—04/2017

herr holgersson

Posted by Gestalten—04/2017

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Wardrobe Snacks

Kelsey McClellan Celebrates In-Between Meals
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